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Cancellation Policy


1. All cancellations must be submitted by e-mail, and must be requested by the purchaser.

    Four Winds will reply by email acceptance of your cancellation, and of charges if any.

2. Cancellations must be submitted 4 days before date of trip in order to avoid a

    cancellation fee.

3. Trips canceled less than 3 days before the trip are subject to a cancellation fee (Please

    see cancellation fees chart).








Bus Riding Policy


Bus Rules & Regulations

1. A trip supervisor must sit within the LAST 4 rows to supervise the passengers.

2. Upon arrival to destination all belongings must leave the bus unless prior

    arrangements have been made with a Four Winds, Inc. manager at time of confirmation.

3. The bus may or may not stay at destination due to parking, hazards or Drop-Off/Pick-Up

    requests, so please be specific with the driver as to departing time and meeting location.

4. Directors and/or teachers, please send Four Winds, Inc. an evaluation of your trip and

    driver.  It is important to us that you have the best experience when riding with

    Four Winds, Inc.

Use our Contact Us page to voice your feedback or concerns.


Click here for a PDF version of Bus Riding Policies





1. Four Winds, Inc. is NOT responsible for any lost items left on the bus.

2. Passengers are to remain seated at ALL times.

3. NO Loud Conversations

4. NO SMOKING on the bus or in proximity thereof.

5. DO NOT open or close bus doors.

6. DO NOT touch anything around the driver's seat.

7. NO eating or drinking unless prior arrangements have been made.







Guidelines for trip Supervisors



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