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Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  How many passengers will fit on a bus?

A:  Each school bus has 26 seats.  School bus capacity is 78 passengers if students are of

      the 4th grade and under fitting 3 per seat.  Students over the 4th grade will fit

      2 per seat at a capacity of 52 passengers.  These numbers are guidelines, but all

      students must fit in the seats without blocking the aisle.


Q:  Do buses have seatbelts?

A:  Yes, all of our buses have seatbelts.  There are 3 seatbelts per seat.


Q:  How do I calculate my travel time?

A:  When calculating travel time please take into consideration traffic, time of day, and

      conditions outside.  Please keep in mind that a school bus is 40ft. long and can only

      travel at 55 mph.  Our buses cannot use the carpool lanes, and must stay in freeway

      lanes 3 and 4.


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